Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Early Bird Gumbo

I was at Wally World at 5AM getting ingredients for my yard bird gumbo.  I just felt like making it. I get back to the rig and realize I forgot the white rice so I will use brown rice instead.  Gumbo is pretty easy to make but everybody likes it made a different way.  I make it my way which is with a lot of spices (10), veggies (5), yard bird in this one and if you like it – great, if not – oh well.  DSC_0062-1

Gumbo must have a good foundation.DSC_0061-1

Now I need to find a hungry person and make them a judge. DSC_0063

I found someone.  I’m not going to mention Mark Nemeth’s name so I will just call him the judge. I do add just a little hot “stuff” for more flavor but not burning. Just that  tingling on your tongue let’s you know it could be very hot very easy.  As you can see, I have a basket of hot “stuff” that I got from the Tabasco factory last year. Mark loves the hot flavor. He also liked the brown rice to put the gumbo on.   He did say that veggies needed to be cooked more but overall it was “pretty good”. He was really hungry.  A hungry judge is a good judge.   DSC_0064

And the work continues………….DSC_0065

Tomorrow is attorney day. I feel like the day before I went to the hospital for my butt operation.

See ya………….

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