Thursday, March 11, 2010

Let’s Do Something Different

Denny Orr and myself decided to go test drive new cars. I have never ever test driven cars not even before buying one.  We went for the gusto right off the bat.  We went and test drove a Lincoln SUV. It was pretty neat.  It had more bells and whistles than most motorhomes. The ride was pretty firm but the gizmos made up for it.  Then we decided to test drive a Ford Escape Hybrid. It had a neat energy read out screen.  We thanked the salesman who really thought we were weird. Maybe because I referred to Denny as poopsy number #2 .  When we got back I decided to go ahead and hook up our new wireless printer.  It took about an hour of following directions and waiting.  Then it was done. I had stepped into the twilight zone.  No wires and just push a button – it was neat.  Denny and I hooked up the Honda so it would be ready for an early departure. So, here I am ready for another trip back to Livingston and to my number one poopsy.

See Ya……………

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