Monday, March 1, 2010

Meals & Deals

Yea March is here. What ever that means. It rained and rained today.  Whew, glad that is over.  When it rains RVers always go around checking for leaks in their rigs. It’s out of self preservation I think.  Today it will be only in the low 50s. I really got to wash the RV before I leave tomorrow. Time will tell if I do or not. I spoke with Denny Orr last night and he said for me to come out to Ogibly Road in CA when I get there Friday or so..  It’s about 12-15 miles west of Yuma in the middle of no where and surrounded by Escapee friends. Hey, that’s what it’s about.  Friends moaning and groaning together – I mean having fun together. Carol & I (notice proper English) ate out at two different places yesterday in our travels.  Sorry, I don’t bring the camera out in heavy rains.  You will have to put up with my slaughtering the Queen’s English.  We went and bought Mom Hill a big screen TV (37”), frig and a scanner for her new residence.  She can’t have them right away so I guess we will have to try them out.  Especially the TV in the mobile. A big screen HD TV without high def reception is not the greatest. We went to Chi-Chi's for lunch in Conroe. It should be called cheat-cheat.  It sucked. Even the french fries were soft and just barely warm. Then we went to the lawyers and dropped off some more documents. Our lawyer was not there and we did not have an appointment.  He was at court.  About time a lawyer goes to court.  Hope he wasn’t being sued. Then we went and test drove a Mercury Mariner Hybrid 4WD. It was pretty good.  We like the color lime for some odd reason and it is a ripe lime too! When people see it I think they will pucker. We might have to buy one or give the money to Medicaid.  Not sure which we should do – give up hard earned money to Uncle Sam’s health care system or buy a car. I will have to put a lot of thought into that – NOT! We don’t really want a new car but that’s the way it goes – it just don’t figure. Anyhow, we get back to Livingston and take care of our heard of animals. Then we decide to go to a local restaurant for dinner called The City Grille. Wow, two bad meals in one day. I might go back their but not for the same meal.  Can’t wait till I get on the road tomorrow and find some good old fried gizzards at the Flying J.  Hey, don’t knock them till  you try them. 


Now, Denny’s can’t beat this breakfast cause this was made with love for my honey……(brownie points).

See Ya………………..

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