Sunday, March 28, 2010

Big Is Better – Maybe - Kinda

Mom Hill’s mobile is 16X48 which equals 768 sq feet.  The mini barn that is in progress is 16X24 which equals 384 sq feet.  But it’s a double decker which means it’s 768 sq feet.  Our RV is under 400 sq feet.  What does all this mean?  It means while we are parked here in Livingston we have four additional big RV’s to put “stuff” in.  Carol says more to clean.  I say “Where the hell is that thing I put somewhere special so I wouldn’t lose it?”.  Based on experience, I’m very positive the organization of all this “stuff” will come within the next decade or so.  DSC_0061

Yes, a car can drive thru the doors.DSC_0062

Patches, our cat, can’t wait till it’s done.  DSC_0060

Today was the first day of the down side of the big hill we have been climbing.  Hopefully we will be back in the valley come April 1st.  In other words the dust should be settled for the most part.  All done - OVER if you didn’t get it.

See ya……….

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