Sunday, March 7, 2010

Water Day

Woke up to heavy rains.DSC_0005-1

We left in heavy rains .DSC_0007

We drove in big puddles – about 8 or so of these crossings.DSC_0013




Police told us we were the last to come thru that they were expecting more flash foods real soon.DSC_0018

The south side of Ogilby road.DSC_0019

We arrive at the Yuma Fairgrounds for the Gypsy Journal Rally. Water water everywhere but not deep or stuck type mud.DSC_0022-1

Yes it was muddy too! It started to rain again in a couple of hours as we we were parking – heavy again.DSC_0023-1

Marines entertained us  while we waited to get parked.DSC_0021-1


Denny & I went to dinner at Applebee's with Fank & Marlene Hinman.  We sat there a good while after dinner.  As usual we solved the world problems again.

See Ya………

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