Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wash This!

I walked a mile around the park today.  I sure don’t like exercising.  Been walking a little each day but today was hit the mile mark.

Called a local RV wash guy, Manny’s, and got a price of $60 to wash our RV.  That seems fair all things considered.  Plus I called another RV wash guy and he wanted $80.  Manny’s said noon tomorrow so we shall see.  Still might go down Yuma and try to arranged a wash and wax down there for $100 or so.  It’s only 20 miles longer to go via Yuma to Tx from Carol’s line dancing in Menifee so why not.  Hard part will be to get them (washers) to do an after 2 PM wash on a Friday.  We would arrive about noon.  They do the wash/wax that afternoon and we would leave Saturday AM.  That’s so we can end up in the Tucson area Saturday in the later afternoon and meet a couple of people maybe.  Then we would arrive in TX probably Tuesday?

My biggest fan is a 92 year old.  HI PAT!

So with that being said…….

Retirement is busy work sometimes without really doing much of anything at a given time.

See ya when we see ya……