Saturday, March 4, 2017

Ho Hum….

Our immediate and only neighbors in front of us are still there.  They even set out their outside “stuff”.  No communication.

I set out for part of the day just soaking up some sun.  It did get windy until later in the day.  I still cooked some spam for lunch and then chicken for dinner outside on the BBQ.  The sun is nice and then wind is bearable. 

I watched NASCAR.  Sunday is when the big boys race.

I researched the Alaska ferry details a little more.  Ferries only leave on certain days at each port.  I researched the days/times of departures at most of the ports in detials.  Prefer to avoid surprises if at all possible.  Some ports only have arrivals/departures twice a week like Sitka.  Some have every day like Juneau.  Blah, blah..

Retirement is getting to know your doctor more.

See ya when we see ya……….