Monday, March 6, 2017

Fixing The Bank “Can’t Fix It”

Today was kinda busy.  First we went to the Banning Post Office and got our mail.  No problem.  Then we went to Walmart and Carol got her hair done.  No problems.

Back at the rig we went thru our mail.  First we were missing on reward credit cards from our bank.  I called the bank and they said they sent them via Email.  I said no thank you.  The bank said they already went out and they can’t reissue them and nothing more they can do for me.  Not something you tell me.  I called another bank number.  Same answer.  Then I called another bank number.  I found out that they sent it to a wrong Email address.  I explained that I didn’t want the money via Email ever and I want my due money of $125.  About a total of two hours on the phone.  The $125 is in our checking account and Navy Federal Credit Union will keep us, their 35 year customer.  Done deal.

Next was the Livingston water company.  They sent us a bill for water usage this past January.  Well, we weren’t there and the water was turned off and locked (by me).  After a few minutes of them checking their records they agreed that the bill was an error.  Done deal.

Next……..I talked to Thousand Trails headquarters about our membership parks.  Seems like they added a park to our membership in Tucson and we didn’t know about it.  It was confirmed that the park in Tucson is part of park system now.  Done…

So, I even walked a 1 1/2 mile too.  That was rough for me.  Not use to it for sure.

The wind wasn’t as bad and the sun was out later in the afternoon.  Nice.

Retirement is having the time to deal with stupidity.

See ya when we see ya…..