Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Absolutely Nothing To Do Important

Yep, we get these days sometime.  It’s when you just set back and let the rest of the world go bye.  Nothing happening of great importance. Nothing I have to do or should do that I will do or even can do.  That’s a mouth full.

I thought I would tinker with the RV door clicker.  It doesn't lock the door anymore.  We got two clickers so it probably isn’t the battery.  Neither one works.  So next was to take apart the little door plungers on the frame of the chassis/door.  Yep, one out of six was loose.  So I bent the wire holder and put it back together.  Yep, our door clickers now work.

Next was to shine my wheels.  It’s been over a year since they were really done right.  I’ve washed them but haven’t shined then at all until now.  I forgot how tiring my fingers get shining these wheels.  Plus, I’m setting on a little stool.  Each one takes about a half an hour.  I did the two on the passenger side.  The other two probably tomorrow.DSC_0001

While I was doing this I got an offer of some help.  I declined.DSC_0004DSC_0005

Last year here or maybe it was two years ago, I had one of these little guys attack my shoe.  One problem.  My foot was in it.  These little guys are aggressive.  I think it’s a gopher but not sure.

We had somebody walk by with their terrier type dog in tow.  Well, Carol was walking our cat on a leash.  The cat, Rainbow, went for the dog.  It was funny as hell.  The little dog wanted to say hello but Rainbow wanted a little more.  They never really met but it was funny to watch a cat on a leash go after a dog.

Carol was busy cleaning the inside of the windows since the RV wash guys cleaned the outside.  Damn, you can actually see thru the windows.

We had a leaking spigot back on our lot in Livingston.  In two months it got pretty rough.image

Jim Koca, our neighbor, replaced the spigot.  Thanks Jim.20170308_105604

Seems like the main turn off is leaking and our spigot was leaking also.  The leak caused a 1,200 gallon water bill leak last month.  Our spigot really needed to be fixed and Jim fixed it.  When we get back to Livingston we will let the water company know about their bad turn off valve.  We won’t let them know now because we have a lock on it and don’t won’t them to cut it.  It’s temporary fixed.

I cooked hot dogs on the grill.  Isn’t that what RVers have for lunch who live in their RV?  We have a daughter-in-law, red head, who actually thought that.  She’s up to speed now.  Lisa Koca, full timer-red head, doesn’t even know she has a stove in their RV.  Right Jim?  They eat out a lot. 

Speaking of Lisa & Jim, they are going to Alaska this year as part of the Loosey Goosey 2017 group.  We have 22 rigs in our group now.  No, we won’t travel together like a caravan.  We will leave the lower 48 states and go into Canada at different times.  Some will travel in real small groups for awhile and split off and might travel with other people for a short time.  Traveling with other rigs continually for 3-5 months just don’t work out in the long run normally.  We have a member, Dave Wilson, who is in the hospital right now.  We want your experience of Alaska.  I think he’s staying longer in the hospital to play with the nurses.  Do what the doctors say.  Get well guy.  Our prayers go out for you at this time of need.

Retirement is being relaxed when you want too.

See ya when we see ya.