Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Wash Rig & Move Of Course

The RV wash guys (3) were here at our site at 8 AM.  They had shorts on and it was 41 degrees outside. They were gone by 9 AM and so was my $80+.  They did a fair job at best.  I would try someone else next time.  Oh well, I didn’t have to do it and besides the park don’t let anybody wash their own rigs.  Then we moved to another RV site far away from our very inconsiderate neighbors.  While we were setting up in our new site a coyote ran across a few sites from us.  OK, I  think we are in the right site/area now. DSC_0004 I parked our car in the site next to us just in case there are any more inconsiderate RVers lurking out in the RV World.

Here’s our front view…there’s a big creek running there in front of us.  We are not under the trees but real close to them.  No problem for the sat dish.DSC_0003

Here’s a view from our site.DSC_0005

Carol even got to walk the kitty cat.DSC_0001The above picture is where I saw the coyote trotting across a little beyond Carol and the kitty.

The rest of the day was quiet.  I think we had 5 or 6 vehicles come by us and 4 of them were park workers.

We got a debt card in the mail from our bank.  We also got an envelope with a PIN number.  It said it was for the check card.  That didn’t seem right that one said debit card and the other said credit card.  With a bank I don’t want to assume anything.  I called them.  They said they hadn’t updated the PIN number paperwork to reflect it saying debit card vice credit card.  Now that’s the kind of stuff that needs to corrected before they send it out.  Oh well, blah, blah, blah.

Retirement is not worrying about what the bosses at work might think.

See ya when we see ya……………