Friday, March 3, 2017

Inconsiderate Campers

We  were in no hurry this morning being we had 50 miles to our next stop.  Of course leaving the Palm Springs area heading West on I-10 we went thru the wind mill area.  No wind.  these things were standing still.  I’ve never seen them all at a dead stop.  Usually at least a few of them are moving.  Not today.DSC_0003DSC_0005

The desert is in bloom.  A lot of green where there is usually brown.DSC_0009

We get onto route 243 in Banning, CA going up the hill.  It’s a real 6%.  I kept the RV in 3rd gear, 2000 RPM and about 30 MPH.  It’s a climb and with all the turns it can get tricky on the curves.DSC_0016DSC_0020.

Little bit of a view out Carol’s passenger window.DSC_0023DSC_0025DSC_0034DSC_0035

Then we turn on to this road to the campground.DSC_0043

We are here just about by ourselves.  Silent Valley Resort – we got full hook up with 50 AMP under AOR and it’s $9 a night and no funny extra fees.  We’ve been here about 4-6 times over the years, usually a little warmer.  Here we are.DSC_0053

Nobody behind us…DSC_0054

Nobody in front of us.DSC_0055

Nice view out of all of our windows.  It’s on the edge of their season, school and no holidays around.  Temps in the 60’s and sunny.  How nice is this.  Here’s a picture out our front window BEFORE the inconsiderate campers came.DSC_0056

WHAT THE HELL!  ALL these sites all over this park and these people picked a site right in front of us.  HOW IGNORANT!DSC_0057

I didn’t have time to put on my see thru speed O swim suit or throw a bunch of beer cans in the yard.  I will ask them why they chose a sight right in front of us with empty sites all over the friggin place when I get the opportunity.  Friends are fine but unknowns!  This park is empty and they came here next to and in front of us.  INCONSIDERATE %#&^(@!()!

We did some rearranging of our schedule.  We were gonna go down to Yuma after Carol’s Line Dance Rally (at a different park) and get the rig washed and waxed again for about $100 + tip.  Instead we made arrangements for an outfit to come to us and wash the rig here for $80 next Tuesday.  The park don’t allow rig washing unless it’s a commercial company.  Not unusual for parks to be that way.  It’s a full timer dilemma to find a place to wash your rig when you need to.  This RV is really dirty from driving in the rain earlier this week.

We will now leave Menifee, CA on Friday morning the 24th of March and 450 miles later we will have dinner at the Triple T diner near the fairgrounds (Escapade) just outside Tucson.  We are planning hopefully to spend Friday and Saturday nights in the fairgrounds with firends somehow.  I believe the Escapade has the fairgrounds until Monday so I will have to find out who to pay, etc.  Anybody got any connections?  Mine are worn out.

We also are having our mail forwarded to the Banning Post Office down the hill.  No bigee.

Retirement is being able to camp more and see more inconsiderate campers. 

See ya when we see ya……