Monday, March 20, 2017

Yep, Not At The Escapade

It’s not the greatest feeling not attending an Escapade that a lot of our friends are at.  Let me search my memory cells – I think we’ve been at every Escapade since 2001.  We started full timing in June 2000.  For years they had two a year – one on the West coast and one on the East coast.  We’ve made them all.  Sometimes we were just attendees, then we  were part of the staff, then we were vendors then back to staff.  It was all fun being around friends.  This is the first one that we will miss all of it.  We will be there in the area Friday night to see some friends – yea.  We will have to drive 475 miles to get there for a special dinner of Loosey Goosey members the same day we drive there.  Not a good time to break down for sure…  nah it won’t happen.  We’re good to go.

I’ve read that the Escapade had Indian Tribal Dancers there opening day.  I got  had a secret admiration for that kind of stuff.  My grandfather was 100% Cherokee.  Maybe that’s why I like the open plains and the wilderness at the same time.  Maybe I should do one of those DNA history search things.

I did nothing today except walk around the park twice.  It was Carol’s first full day of line dancing.  It’s nice that she has her favorite line dancing rallies that we can and do make.

Retirement is getting more involved in getting into trouble according to the wife.

See ya when we see ya… Friday?