Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Alaska Marine Highway (Ferry)

I’ve been working on our Alaska Marine Ferry schedule lately.  Ahhh, just do it.  Yes you can.  Except you could spend a week in some places if your timing is off.  The ships are reliable but they only arrive/depart certain places at certain times.  Most ports have arrival/departures about 3-4 days a week.  A few are only like Friday and Saturday each week.  One is Sitka.  We have to spend no less than 6 days there and that’s what we will do there.  Most ports will be a four day stay.  Another factor is the ship.  There’s one that is a fast ship.  Instead of taking the normal 16 hours at sea it takes like 10-12 hours.  That’s what we’re gonna try and get hooked up with at certain ports.  Most ships will take on the average about 4 hours between ports.  Some shorter and a couple longer.  No staying in your camper while at sea.   We will not have reservations because it limits you on the length of stay.  We might stay longer if we like it or stay shorter if we don’t.  It’s not any cheaper either.  Going up early in the season we shouldn’t have any big problems.

Our adventure via the boat will take approximately 29 days from Prince Rupert to Skagway.  We are adding two islands that aren’t normally visited by all.  They are Prince of Whales and Mitkoff islands.  We will do some driving on these islands to the next port.  Hey, it will be an adventure for sure.  During our stays near these port cities we will do some boone docking and maybe a so called campground or two.  I have a list of boone docking areas for each port.  If we can’t find anything on our own so to speak, then we will check out my list.  Then there is always the locals including the law to ask where to park it.  Plus we will have the 110 Honda motorcycle we can ride short distances.  We are planning to be in Skagway (Dyea NP) on Memorial Day (May 29).   So if your in the area look us up.  We’re in the camper with the ducks on the lid of the rear compartment if that makes sense.

Dave W. – you best get better real soon guy.

Like other Loosey Goosey 2017 members, we are talking about Alaska just about everyday one way or another.  We won’t have our camper until about the end of this month.  We’re in California and it’s setting in Texas under a roof waiting for our return.  That’s a bummer.

The guy next to us has a 43-45 foot Winnebago Tour.  He had it washed and waxed yesterday for a bit of money.  Both his and our rig shine up real good.  If you look at his wheels and our wheels you can see ours really out shine his like night and day difference.  I’m badddddd and I know it……..

In the pass this park actually had a self vehicle wash.  It was an old site that the park lets you wash your vehicles, usually cars & trucks.  No cost.  I will search it out.   The car needs a touch up of where the automatic car wash missed last week. Update – park wash is closed for ever.

I got more info on our little trip down south in the car but I will wait till tomorrow or so.

Retirement is sometimes having too much time – nah….

See ya when we see ya…..