Thursday, March 2, 2017

Wishy Washy

The RV wash people texted me that they couldn’t do the wash at noon or at any time.  Just too busy.  I got a no via text!  My first texted no.  Oh Well.  When we get to Silent Valley RV Park up on the hill in Banning tomorrow , I will see if we can get someone else to do the washing of the rig.  They don’t allow RVers to wash their rigs.  I can always wash it with a bucket.  That’s really hard to do when it’s this dirty and big.  We shall see.

By 7:30 AM we were out the door and going for breakfast at Jack In The Box.  We like their breakfast for the price.  Nothing really special about it.  Senior coffee is 50 cents too!  From there we went to the nearby Walmart.   We got our cheapest Turbo Tax finally.  We got a few things but no real frig or freezer food.  We’re down sizing so it will fit in the frig in the class C next month.  Opps.  I mean this month.  March is coming up fast already here - we will be back in Texas the last week.

Jean and Claudette gave us a call in the morning about doing lunch and we said of course.  We met them at a Panda Express.  We were there for almost 3 hours.  It was great again.  I didn’t even have a bathroom attack from eating the Chinese food.  We even talked about doing the Maritime Provinces next year maybe.  It could be a long time before we see them again.  Damn….  Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!

Retirement is having the opportunity to see friends more often.  Hopefully they are retired too!

See ya when we see ya……