Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Monday’s wet drive..construction out in the desert?DSC_0001DSC_0006

See the rain clouds in the distance?DSC_0010DSC_0017DSC_0025

Stumpy palm trees?DSC_0029

I didn’t know Sharon & Don had a car dealership.DSC_0030

Pulling into the park Monday. WET!DSC_0031DSC_0032

Tuesday morning the rain had stopped and the sun was out.DSC_0034DSC_0043

The local news said the temps are 20 degrees below normal.  It got up to the low 60’s.

Tuesday we drove the car up to Joshua Tree area and met Jean & Claudette.  We all went to Alaska in 2011 and have been friends ever since.  They got a Slingshot and have driven it 66,000 miles in the last 3 years.  They both love it and use it.  They’re trying to figure out a way to Alaska and avoid some gravel roads.  I suggested take the ferry from Skagway to Valdez to avoid the major part of the gravel roads between Delta Junction and the Alaska border.  They are considering selling their 1999 Jeep Sahara, 6 cyl, 5 spd, hard top. It has futema (right word?).  I asked them to let me have a crack at it when it goes up for sale.  They are thinking about selling there 40’ Alfa Gold (full factory paint) and down sizing.  They are still VERY active and in their 70’s.  It was really nice seeing them again and we had fun.

The rig needs washing bad.  They don’t allow washing of your rig here at this park.  Not really unusual.   You can pay an outfit to come in and wash it but can’t do it yourself.  The wash outfit wants $80.  I’m too cheap in that department of washing.  Maybe go down to Yuma and get it washed and hand wax for about $115.  We shall see.

Retirement is being able to work on more vacation stuff.

See ya when we see ya……………….