Monday, February 6, 2017

Another RV Boot Camp Is Over


The Escapees Boot Camp went from 3-5 Feb and it was sold out as usual.  I and others prepared and cooked about 270 hot meals total.  I was the kitchen supervisor with a lot of damn good assistants, about 12 or so.  Wow, what a lot of time and effort went into the kitchen part of this event.  A REAL Thank You to all the assistants in the kitchen.

This is Mark the Boot Camp Director.  What a great job he has done over the years.  This was his next to last Boot Camp.  He is retiring.  Jim and Lisa will be trying to fill his boots.  His last Boot Camp will be at the Escapade.  Sign up for it now!DSCN1577

Here is Sue in her getty up and go van.  She was a new instructor.  She did an outstanding job and will fit in well with the highly qualified instructors.DSCN1572DSCN1578

Here is Steve who was part of the very qualified driving team. DSCN1573

And that ends the Boot Camp here at Congress, AZ.DSCN1579

Retirement is trying to find out what retirement really is.

See ya when we see ya…….

Dennis & Carol