Saturday, February 25, 2017

Vegas Continues

We didn’t have to leave the park Saturday.  Kristy, our daughter, came over later in the day.  The girls chatted and I played around with my GoPro. 

I will have to relearn how to make movies and even to use the device.  I take that back about relearning the movie maker.  I really never LEARNED.  Hey, it’s not user friendly for me, maybe others.  Eventually it will happen.

I’m starting to go over all my Alaska notes from 2014 and now too.  I’m in the process of over planning but no reservations of course.  I encourage those going not to make reservations unless it’s for Denali National Park.  Then it takes a lot of research.  We will go there but without reservations.  We might have to wait a day or two to get what we want but no big deal. 

If you are going to Alaska this year and would like to meet other RVers going or meet while up there, send me an email (  You might want to join our Loosey Goosey Group.  We are not a caravan……..

Retirement is more time to pay attention to the details if you want.

See ya when we see ya,