Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Dinner Out Like Outside

Just another day of doing not too much.  Carol went line dancing of course.  I did some trip rearranging on the computer.  Just not much of anything.

We got invited to go over to George and his wife’s place for an outside dinner.  George grilled us (Mark, Ed/Sandy, Carol and me) some fat big steaks that will be hard to beat in the future.  Big, juicy, and cooked just right.  Ahhh boy…….. thanks George……DSCN1583

Yes the weather was that nice and especially no wind.

It’s nice to have an almost uneventful day.  I had to deal with my Mom’s retirement facility.  They took money out of her account for their unauthorized rehab that was not authorized by anybody.  They neglected to call Blue Cross to get authorization beyond 10 days.  They had written instructions by me that it was not to be paid out of her account.  They took it out and paid themselves.  It ain’t right.  Anybody know who I should contact?

Anyway, it was a quiet day in the neighborhood.

Retirement – another word for getting older.

See ya when we see ya………