Monday, February 27, 2017

TTN Again? Yep, It’s Free–kinda.

We went 275 miles today from Vegas to Palm Springs, Ca Thousand Trails Park (TTN).  Out about 100 miles from Vegas we got wet.  It just rained lightly the rest of the way to Palm Springs.  Just enough to keep your wipers on delay.  Then when we were setting up it started to rain just enough to get me wet after about 10 minutes in it.  Oh well.  It didn’t let up till later that night about 11 PM.  We acquired one leak.  Water running down the driver window and thru the vents somehow and is came in pretty good.

We got a long pull thru site, full hook up with 30 AMP.  Not shabby at all.

Now you probably know how dirty a rig gets driving in the rain.  Yes, the rig is really really dirty after several hours driving in the rain.  the last time it was washed (& hand waxed) was in Yuma in January for $110.  Hmmmm, how to get it done again?

Retirement is washing your vehicles more often and when you want.

See ya when we see ya……