Tuesday, January 6, 2015


The day started with a hoot with a Who, who, who.DSC_0002

And ended with the normal AZ sunset….DSC_0007

and a lot in between.

Let’s see… the RV wash guys came out and did a great job.  They washed and hand waxed the RV and threw in the washing of the Jeep for a $99 special.  If you get down this way give them a call – Sam’s Mobile Washing at 928 550-2028. 

Then we had a mobile RV repair guy came out to replace the switching station for our TV/sat/theater, etc.  Of course everything was working fine when he arrived.  He took down all the information and $45 for the call.

Produce is a bigee here in Yuma.  Here Romaine lettuce is being picked.  DSC_0010

Picked lettuce is on the left and unpicked is on the right.DSC_0011

Here’s our temperatures…..blah blah blah…..DSC_0012

You believe I didn’t get any bike riding in on this warm day?  I did managed to get to the Harley dealer and buy a plug and play device for the bike.  I installed it (plugged in) and it works great.  This device makes my rear turn signals running lights and stop lights.  My rear end lights up now…….does yours?

We cooked some old cow out on the barbie.   That was nice but it was an old cow and a little chewy.

We moved our vehicles earlier so the wash guys could do their jobs.  I moved them back in our now TIGHT  spot.  This RV park is so open and we’re so boxed in.  We thought about moving…..nah…..you should here the noise between two RVs echo when I start that Harley.  It really needs to get warmed up several times a day.  Blah…blah..blah….

Another action packed day tomorrow.

See ya………..