Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What? Again……!

Two ambulance rides, one medical airplane flight and two hospitals for me this weekend.  How was your weekend?

Seems like a couple of years ago I ended up being life flighted out of the desert.  Not this time.  We drove to the hospital and then got life flighted out from there.

Why this time?  No I didn’t fall off the motorcycle or another ATV accident.  A kick ass flu that affected my heart got me and sent me in a whirlwind of good help.  Blythe Hospital said it was above their pay grade to help so they transferred me via Life Flight to the AZ Heart Hospital in Phoenix. They fixed me…..

That’s why no blog.  I’m still not up to snuff  so the blog will come out when I get back to full capacity.  My body batteries are charging back up pretty good.

Carol stayed with me in the hospital and slept over.  I had a hard time keeping her out of my bed at night.  Being a caring and sharing husband I gave her a small portion of the flu that she is suffering thru now.  I’m sharing my good scripts with her.  Hey, I gave it to her so I need to help her.

So that be it……