Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Henderson Harley made me an offer on a new 2015 Harley trike. I said for them to put it in writing and they did and sent it to me. Later that day I get an email saying the owner didn’t like it and withdrew the offer. That’s down right poor business or the old bait and switch game.  Crooks!

Earlier a couple showed up at 8:30 AM to look at the RZR again.  He took it out for a ride, looked over the titles, manuals, asked some more questions and then said, “I’m not a spur of the moment buyer and I want to think about some more.”  They left.  The RZR is still for sale… a lot of local lookie lous here in the park.

The “Gang” went out to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner.  Carol & Walt have a birthday coming up and they got sung to and a free custard thing.

Bellies are full.

See ya.