Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Coffee, Ice Cream Anyone? Plan B Modified…

Yesterday we got to talk to Gary & Mary Olson.  We went to Alaska together back in 2011.  We had a great time.  Well, they need assistants to work with them at the Escapade in March.  We have now volunteered to help them.  What’s funny is that we suggested them for their current Escapade job a couple of years ago and now we will be working for them.  It all comes around.  Can you say coffee?  We will be helping out with the making and serving.  How does trucker coffee sound?  What about Ice Cream too?

Today was military I.D. day.  We had to go to base and get Carol’s military I.D. updated.  A bit of a hassle to get on base even with proper I.D.  Our car was not registered for a base sticker or a temporary pass.  We walked on base from the temporary pass parking lot which was the big hassle to get.  We only have to do it ever so often.  No bigee.

We got back and I was pooped & sore from the walking so we spent the nice day at our site.  I cooked some more cow on the barbie and it was pretty good.

We got a call from our daughter with her college graduation date.  It will be the end of May vice June. 
So we will modify our jello plans with no problem.  Afterwards we will now probably go ride the Durango Train in Colorado.  Carol will be able to scratch it off her “Want To Do List.”  This means we will probably be in Livingston part of June/July before heading mid northeast for the Escapees Boot Camp in TN in late July.

See ya………..