Saturday, January 3, 2015

Long Drive – 22 miles

Very unusual that we left about 11 AM for our next travels.  I can’t remember ever leaving that late.  We usually leave about 7-8 AM.  We had 22 miles to drive today to our next park.  Carol drove the Jeep towing the bike/trailer.  I drove the RV and of course had nothing behind me.  Couldn’t tell the difference.

We checked into Yuma Lakes and got a nice big site.  A tree was in the way of the satellite.  We called the check in office and said just to pick a site and call them back… problem.  We had a lot of choices to chose from which made it difficult.  Too many choices.  We picked one that is just about as far as you can get in the park and still be in the park.   At $10 bucks a night with RPI for a FHU 30 AMP it’s hard to beat.  We shortened our stay here to leave Friday vice Saturday. 

We have no neighbors within reach…yea……  If I’m outside enjoying doing nutin, drinking beer and eating boiled eggs nobody can hear me make loud guy noises.  No not that noise…just grunting noises of course…..DSC_0066

I got the bike unloaded with Carol’s help with no problem what so ever.  This was the first time the Harley was ever off loaded and tested only once with the old Harley.   I like that prior planning stuff that comes out right.  I put the cut down windshield on.  I had the windshield cut down one inch just before we left Livingston and never tried it.  The top of the windshield was right in the middle of my eyesight.  It needed to go up or down so I had it cut.  I haven’t really tried it out yet.  I put the saddlebags, windshield bag along with the sissy bar bag all on.  Don’t it look nice?DSC_0065

The small trailer fits well and is easy to handle empty.DSC_0067

As the day went on we realized we should have gotten a site that faced the other way.  The sun hits us on the driver side all day and we don’t have any shades on that side.  Oh well……

It was a little nippy outside so we stayed in most of the day.  I watched the two NFL football play off games.  Go Baltimore Ravens!   They were the under dogs and won.

We use to own a pet store on Greenmount Ave. in Baltimore city just a couple of blocks from the stadium where the Baltimore Colts played and called home.  The Colts moved out of state.  So we have a little tie to the Baltimore team now called the Ravens.

We also use to live in Washington DC (military active duty) so we have ties to the Washington Redskins.  We use to live near Pittsburgh (Connellsville) too so we have ties to the Steelers……blah blah…blah…. and so forth.

See ya………….