Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Chit Chat Around

Nutin doing today.  Stuck around the neighborhood because of my Polaris RZR being up for sale.  A lot of local interest but no cash.  Got one coming back for a 2nd look at 8:30 AM tomorrow morning.  I think this one will be the one.

I got several Harley dealers calling/emailing with the deals of the decades they have.  I’m waiting for the deal of the century.  I keep making them my offers but they chuckle and refuse.

Ed Kruty said he would build a big bike trailer if I supplied the parts and some labor.  Hey, I can hand him any tool or part that he needs.  Mark told him not to let me touch any tools though.  If you need something tighten, I’m your man.  I can test the strength of any bolt and usually do.

4 o’clock was here at Ed & Sandy's.  The gang all came over – Ed & Sandy of course, Denny/Susie, Walt/Kellie,  Bob/Tami, and Carol & I.   Mark even showed up.  One of the subjects was trying to get Carol a smart phone and a full time masseuse.  Hope I spelled that right.  One of those massage people.  Good thing I had some lookie lou’s at the Polaris RZR that I talked to.

See ya…………