Thursday, January 8, 2015

More Friends……

Today we started to get ready for Quartzsite by going to Wal-Mart.  Hey, you need “stuff” while out in the desert.  We also got some buckets and plates for Mark & Dortha for the SKP Social next Wednesday/Thursday.

When got back I went for a nice 50 mile bike ride.  Temps were in the low 70’s with a heavy overcast like rain but didn’t.  It was still cool with a strong normal Yuma wind.

A tour bus turned over in a lettuce field.  I went by it and boy did they have the emergency vehicles, police and even helicopters there.   I think one person got seriously injured.   This big bus was trying to turn around in a farm field and just rolled over in soft ground….duh.  It was some kind of Agriculture Tour.  I would have never taken a very large tour bus out into a planted field on an obviously muddy dirt road…duh then try to turn around…duh…..idiot!  blah…blah….

The bike ride was nice.  I ended up going on about 5 miles of dirt road and only met one car.  It was dry and I did about 20 MPH.  The heavy bike really didn’t care for it.

I got back and loaded the bike on the trailer for the second time…..that was exciting because I was committed and a little off center on the board.  It all worked out.

We then went over Tom & Judy Tillery for dinner.  They got a real nice fixed up lot in the Foothills here in Yuma.  Very similar to Dan & Jenny’s place that is nearby.  Their long time friends of Larry & (opps I forgot) were there also.  We had a great time.

Tomorrow we head for Qsite about 90 or so miles north.  Being so close we will get everything ready in the AM.

See ya….