Friday, January 23, 2015

Gone Again…..

We moved to Ed & Sandy Kruty’s lot at the Escapees Park (North Ranch) in Congress, AZ.  It’s about 100 miles away.  We spent two weeks in the desert without hookups,  plus one weekend in the hospital.  We needed to get away from the dusty, dirty atmosphere.  It was time to leave.  Windy, dusty and just not feeling the greatest.  I’m about 90% back to normal but Carol is slow to recover.  We both still have the “cough.”  The last three years in AZ I’ve been ended up in the hospital or/and sick.  We just might give AZ a rest next year.

Bob & Tami, Ed & Sandy and Denny & Susie also came back to North Ranch.  We’re all within a block of each.  No wind, no dust, full hook ups, ahhhhhhhhh what a relief it is!

I washed the Polaris RZR.  I’m getting ready to put it on Craig’s List.  The Harley is still on the trailer but it will have to wait.  The RV needs a good outside wipe down to catch some of the dust that has covered it.  I washed the Jeep too at the self car wash.