Sunday, January 4, 2015

RV Friends Of Years Ago Reunited

It’s 8 AM…. do know where Dennis & Carol are?   Cracker Barrel…Carol’s favorite breakfast place.

From there we headed to the Yuma Flea Market.  It’s pretty big.  Oh no, there was a Harley dealer along the way.  Just stopped for a quickie.  Carol stayed in the Jeep while I got my quickie.  Ahhhh, what a relief.  But they don’t open for another 1/2 hour.  Onward….

Then we continued on  to Yuma’s biggest flea market.  It’s pretty organized.  It’s asphalt or cement and covered.  The wind wasn’t too bad but still pretty cool being early in the morning.  Carol got some stuff and I got just one water filter cartridge.   It’s a coconut shell activated carbon block filter.  It was $5 bucks which I thought was pretty good for any block filter.

Back at the ranch I got ready to ride the horse and go for a little ride…..  Maybe I should refer to the Harley as a Hog vice a horse.  Nope…not going riding in the fifties and windy.  I want to enjoy a ride not put up with it.  Maybe tomorrow.

Now for Dave & Brenda Neil’s for dinner.  They also invited some RV friends of ours that we kinda lost touch with.  It’s been probably about 8-10 years since we’ve seen most of these people.  They still all hang out together and we’re the ones that wondered off.  From left to right here’s Hank, Monica, Judy, Brenda, Tom, Dave, Ginger, Barry and me.  Carol took the picture.DSC_0008

Oh, Dave and Brenda bought a park model/lot at KOFA here in Yuma and of course we are in it.  They’ve been in it 2 days.  They haven’t owned a non moveable home in 22 years.  They plan to continue to do a lot of RVing but when they come to Yuma for a couple of months a year they will call this home and store their motorhome.

On the way back to our home with wheels we stopped at Walmart.  We got some milk, water, beer and rum.  They had my Milwaukee's Best Ice beer which I like.  I also got my Captain’s Morgan Black Spiced Rum.  Carol got the sober stuff.

See ya……….