Thursday, January 29, 2015

Party Time

I supervised (watched) Ed & Denny working on getting Ed’s new Jeep (2012) all wired up to tow.  They had a few glitches but kept at it.  Without my supervision I’m sure they would have finished about a half hour earlier.

A couple of lookie lou’s on the Polaris RZR today.  I think if I would have charged to look at it I would be better off.  It’s only a matter of time.

About 4 PM we went over to the Pelly’s for a very special get together.  Ernie & Kolume (sp) were here and staying with the Pelly’s for a couple of days.  There were a lot of their old time friends there to say HI to.  We knew just about all of them old friends too.  Oh no, we’re old too!  I think we were just about the youngest old.

See ya……..