Sunday, January 25, 2015

Smoked Pulled Pork

I had several people stop by and check out the Polaris RZR we have for sale.  Plus I got two phone inquires from Craig's List.  It appears the buyer is around and it’s just a matter of time.

I washed the Harley.  It had a lot of Quartzsite dust all over it.  It was the first time I’ve ever washed it.  I usually just wipe it down real good.  Afterwards I unloaded it from the trailer and put in on the side of the RV out of sight.  When it dried I put the cover on it.

Ed & Sandy were the hosts for tonight’s dinner.  Thanks guys… I supplied the smoked pulled pork.  It was one that I smoked in Texas and put in the freezer afterwards.  Sandy heated it up and it turned out perfect.  It was tender and juicy.  Couldn’t tell it had been frozen at all.  Denny/Susie, Ed/ Sandy, Steve/Lila, Bob/Tami all appeared to have enjoyed the smoked pork.

I left the gathering early.  I got so sleepy that I had to leave.  I guess I still have a little jet lag from the exciting weekend before.

Let’s see.  I’ve washed the Polaris RZR, the Jeep and the Harley.  The bigee is left – the RV.  Maybe tomorrow.

Some pics tomorrow hopefully.

See ya……….