Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 10 at Whitehorse

Today was a vegetate day and get ready to move to or at least towards Haines, Alaska tomorrow (Tuesday).  It rained pretty good in the AM then just became overcast and in the 40’s.

Our DEF tank gauge was down to about 1/8 of a tank.   I went ahead and put in the engine DEF.  I carry three 2 1/2 containers of it.  I got about 1,800 miles out of this tank so I know I will be good for another 1,800 miles.  That will do us easy to Anchorage and I will restock the tanks and fill up.  I haven’t seen any place selling it here in Canada.  I haven’t really looked hard either.

I think their are 14 Loosey Goosey rigs here right now at Pioneer park.  A few have already left.  We’re spread all over the park.  We caught up with Charles and Chris group.  Then Bob & Molly’s group caught up to us all.  Everybody is all their own schedule for sure.  Another group is down in Skagway.  Each group has their stories of excitement, animals and even a couple more boo boo’s. 

Now ain’t I cuteDSC_0002

What time is it folks?  No, it’s not Howdy Duty Time but rather Frantic Follies Time.   All 28 Loosey Goosey members in Whitehorse attended.DSC_0009 DSC_0026

Steve is really excited!DSC_0034

Even Chris and Charles…..DSC_0037

The cast…DSC_0038 DSC_0040

One and half hours later….  The end……….Waht a really fun vaudeville show…DSC_0043


On the way back to the campground I shot this.DSC_0044

About 11 PM last night Ed/Sandy, Butch/Kathy and Carol & I decided to go towards the BLM campground near Chicken, AK.  The O’Bosky group are not 100% sure if they are still going to Haines.  The Pinner Group are heading towards Tok maybe Chicken.  Then there are those that aren’t sure which way they are going.  Hey, it’s Loosey Goosey….

See ya….