Friday, June 6, 2014

Alaska Day 14 Tok

We vegetated today recovering from yesterday’s adventure.  Not much to see or do in Tok.

We ate dinner at Fast Eddy’s.  I had my last helping of deep fried mushrooms.  Oh yea……..

Carol & I went over to the Tok Campground about 7 PM and washed the RV.  They charge $15 for unlimited time to wash your RV (no car-truck).  They provide the pressure washer you provide everything else.  It took us about an 1 1/2 hour and we did a almost a fair job.  Just way to dirty.  I did the Jeep earlier and at the Chevron station I got 10 minutes for $3.  I got down to the first layer of road dirt which will do for now.

Ed & Sandy got their coach out of the repair shop later today after 3 days and are ready to roll.

Tomorrow we leave Tok…yea…for our boone docking spot down by the Geisler (sp?) River for a couple of days.

See ya