Friday, June 13, 2014

Alaska Day 21 Fairbanks – Gold Dredge 8

I was dragged to this tourist thing this morning.  I just never had a desire to see an old mining dredge.  BUT, I went just so I could say, Yes, I saw it.  Sorta like going to Chicken.  Yes, I’ve been to Chicken, no big deal, BUT, I can say we were there.  Anyhow, here we go….

We left in expected light rain. We arrived on time about 10 AM for the 10:30 show.   I think there were about 10-15 cars/trucks and about 10-15 tour buses.  It was crowded and well managed.  It started to rain a little more. The facility gave out rain coats and umbrellas.  That was pretty nice.

Since the Alaska pipeline was right there we got a informative lecture on it.  Then we got aboard a narrow gauge train for a tour/show about mining as we traveled a slow short distance  to the dredge.  We got a very informative history of dredging in Alaska. 

We got off the train and headed to the troughs.  We were taught how to pan for gold with one bag of dirt.  The Krutys and Fords got about $40 worth of gold.  Carol & I got about 20 some dollars.  They offered to mount the gold flakes or make earrings for you for a price of course.  This is where they make some more money.  They gave free coffee and free cookies and they were good ones.

It was fun and recommend others to take the journey to the dredge.  I’m glad I went.  It’s about 2 hours long.  It’s in the coupon book.

I didn’t take my camera because of the forecasted rain.  As it turned out I could have taken it…. oh well.

See ya….