Monday, June 16, 2014

Alaska Day 24 Fairbanks

Wow, 7th day in one spot.  I’m ready to go into the wild.  If we didn’t pay so far ahead, one day then a week, we’ve been gone.  That will come Wednesday.  In the meantime we will continue with a few more tourist things.

Oh, the other day we were driving around in our dirty Jeep and ran across some Boy Scout Cubs washing cars.  We had to stop.  This was entertainment watching these little kids washing our Jeep and other cars.  Yes, we are bored and you have to keep entertained and it was really fun.

Today we went to this place…….DSC_0001


Here’s a nice little run about for AlaskaDSC_0002


This hurt my eyes.  Click on it and then start looking.DSC_0003

Blured but here we are.  I made it blurred so as not show our ages.DSC_0005

The learning processed started by playing country and blue grass music.  This is NOT what we expected.DSC_0006


Fiddler and on….DSC_0007

They did this for about a half hour and people wee leaving.  Then they started beating on their heritage drums and that was cool.  Even had a dancer.  that was cool.DSC_0008

These were stuffed and really look good as you can see.DSC_0009 DSC_0010

We returned back at the campground and all is quiet.

Jim and Kim arrived at our campground and visited us.  They are having a great time too.  That makes 6 Loosey Goosey rigs here.

See ya……..