Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Alaska Day 19 In Fairbanks

June 11th at the Riverview RV Park is just a few miles east of Fairbanks.  We paid for the first night $41 with the Good Sam discount.  We figured we would find some place cheaper the next day, today.  Well, we checked out the campgrounds, boone docking, etc.  For us, this was the place.  So we decided to stay an additional 7 nights here to get the weekly rate of $38 a night.  That includes FHU 30 AMP, cable TV, WiFi and piece of mind. 

The afternoon we went over to the North Pole post office and picked up our mail.  No problem.  We had it forwarded from Tok.

Then we went over to Santa Land.  Carol went in and I went thru the mail.  Christmas in June was too much for me.  They had some reindeer out back but I didn’t see Rudolph.  He’s down in the Bahamas probably.

We drove around town just taken it in.  We all went to the Pagoda for diner.  Now that was good.  Everybody was happy happy even though Sandy craves Sushi.

Oh, here’s a picture of Butch that Sandy took.  Hey, sometimes you just go for it.20140608_132203

With that….

See ya………………..