Friday, June 27, 2014

Alaska Day 35 En Route to Healy Area

We woke up to rain again.  It’s the heavy drizzle type rain which is better than what it could be.  This is manageable. 

Fourteen of us (7 rigs) are moving to the Denali Motel and RV Park in the Healy area.  After 9 days of not having water or dump here, it’s time.

Getting there… it was only 40 miles BUT it had several  construction zones of gravel/mud roads.  Thus the rig and the Jeep have a lot of wet dirt/mud on them from the road.DSC_0002

We arrived at the Denali RV Park & Motel about 10:30 AM.DSC_0007 They had changed our sites that I had reserved. They moved us into two of three sites that Ed or I couldn’t fit in. After a trip back to the office we got two sites that we could fit in. Butch had no problem. These kinda tight sites are full hook up (30AMP) with cable and free WiFi which wasn’t too bad for $39 + tax. One night here then into Denali we go.DSC_0008 DSC_0009

We drove the Jeep into Denali NP and got our passes for tomorrow, no problem since we already had made the reservations months ago.  A few others went and got their passes too..

That evening we (Krutys/Fords) went out for dinner.DSCN0293

Ed kept looking down at his stomach.  He couldn’t believe how big it was before he ate.DSCN0283 DSCN0281

The meals were OK.  Nothing to put into the blog about.


This is the bus replica of the bus that a kid lived in a movie called “Into The Wild”.  The actual bus is about 10 miles from here out in the boonies.  The movie is about a lost soul that gets caught up into doing his own thing in Alaska eventually.  DSCN0287 DSCN0289 Just a little fixer upper.DSCN0290

Ed said he could fix this up for him and Sandy.DSCN0291

Oh, here’s Sandy after talking to Ed about backing the RV.DSC_0005

I’m not sure what signal that is.  Carol has used it also.

OK, tomorrow we go into Denali National Park 29 miles. No cell phones, no WiFi – MiFi – You Fi, It’s a big dead zone for all phones.  So, I will do a blog for each day but will not be able to post them until we come back out July 2nd or so.

See ya if the bears don’t get us……….