Sunday, June 22, 2014

Alaska Day 30 Anderson

It first took me 1 1/2 hours to up load the blog yesterday.  Then it failed.  Tried the second time and it took 1/2 hour to upload.  I leave the computer during these times and just let it do its thing.  What cell phone/internet service we have is poor/slow.  That’s just the way it is up here away from everything.

Today Carol & I decided to drive the Jeep down to Denali National Park and check it out a little bit.  It was about 50 miles south.  We ran into two construction zones and each one was about 20 miles of dirt and rocks.  Not gonna be real good for the motorhome and tow behind.

We went into what they call the Riley Mercantile to check on our reservations for this Saturday.  We showed the person our reservations that we got off line.  He said just come in and get our passes and then we could go to the campground (“Tek”).  If they are real busy we could go over to the big visitor center and do the same thing.

We then drove thru Riley Campground just inside Denali National Park.  We’ve been there several times in years past.  Nothing has really changed.  Nice sites no hook ups.  We checked out the dump and water fill.  Same as before, big and nice.

We then went over to the Denali business area across from Denali and just up the road a half mile or so.  What a zoo.  Tour buses up the ying yang and people all over the place.  No thanks..we left and went on up to an eatery called Roses.  We waited 40 minutes for our food but we really liked it.  Carol got a ham & cheese sandwich and I got burger.  The burger was big and delicious.  $9.50 for the burger and fries.

Afterwards we went back to Anderson.  The sun was out all day and we had a light wind that kept the skeeter count down.  OH, here’s one for the books.  While we were up in the Fairbanks area I got to pet a skeeter.  YES.  It was a bigee.  How big was it?  When it landed on my arm I got to pet it…..YEPPER.  AND I got several witnesses that couldn’t believe it.  Now, how many people can say that they actually petted a mosquito? 

All of us set all for awhile and went in about 9 PM I think.

Just a laid back day…

See ya…..