Saturday, June 14, 2014

Alaska Day 22 Fairbanks - Brewery

A do nothing today.  We went to Hoo Doo Brewery later in the afternoon.  What a bust.  No 4 PM tour as advertised on their web site.  We would have liked to have tasted they’re brews but no offer was made by them.  Ed had to ask for a taste of one and didn’t really like it.  We got 3 pints ($5 ea) of something else and drank half and set them on the bar.  We told them that we didn’t like their beer and left.  As we were leaving a tour bus was coming in… we know who they serve there weird tasting beer to – foreigners who of course won’t return nor will we. 

Jon & Sue Glick arrived here today.  Steve/Nancy, Mark/Wendy & Molly’s parents are just down the road staying at the Chena River Rec Area.  I think they are heading towards Chena Hot Springs Rd tomorrow.

Fairbanks is starting to get boring.

See ya…