Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Alaska Day 33 Anderson Steak Night

Well, well, we had 4 more Loosey Goosey members show up on this rainy day.  KC and Shelia Mix along with Steve & Nancy O’Bosky.  That puts are number of members here at 16.  Find the park – they will come.

It rained pretty dog on good all day and until the next morning about 4 AM.  We got the biggest puddles around but they are all on low spots in the gravel so there is no mud.

Their is this little pub down the road on Parks Hwy at MM 280 called the Clear Sky Lodge that claim to have the “Best Steaks in Alaska .”  This place looks like you might stop if you were the stereo Harley motorcycle rider type.  DSC_0001Ed & I went in around noon and informed that 16 people wanted to come there for dinner.  “No problem, I won’t be here” the bartender replied.  She did smile but meant it….

  Royal Crown plant holders…DSC_0002

So about 5 PM 16 Loosey Goosey members showed up to put them to the test of The Best Steak in Alaska.  They had one waitress, one cook and one bartender – all the same lady - the owner.  She was on the ball…outstanding in every category.  She had done this a few times like in the hundreds.  15 members ordered steak and one order Halibut fish and onion rings.  Do you believe that one person comes to a steak house and orders fish.  Well, I like halibut and it was good.  Those that got the steak agreed that it was a damn good steak hands down.  Special thanks to KC and Shelia and their dog Molly.




It was great and a good time was had by all.

That evening we started a fire and we sat out until the wee hours what ever they are…

All is good…..

See ya…