Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Work Slow Down Until……

About 2:30 PM and nothing was happening.  Our salesman came by and we moaned & groaned to him – assertively.  I reminded him that we have not paid a dime on the new coach nor signed any papers.  A hour later things started to happen.  We had a service advisor come to us and advised as to what was happening with everything.  Winnebago disapproved fixing the paint on the front/rear end of the rig which entailed 33 hours he said.  He said Lazydays was still working on it.  The furniture guy came out and explained our passenger chair is “what it is” and can’t be made any better due to a design flaw by Winnebago.  The tile floor guy came out about 4:30.  He said it looks like dried liquid grout on some tiles that weren’t cleaned up very well.   He said he would ask Winnebago for approval to clean up ($).  The service tech set up an appointment tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM to get our rig’s chassis checked out and adjusted if need be.  I noticed it to be tilted to the left while it was in a service bay the other day.  Last, nobody came out with the air filter clamps to install.  Thus a no show I would guess due to no parts.

Tomorrow (Thursday) we have been here one week.  Getting fatter on their free food three times a day and and at the starting gate of being aggravated.  No papers signed or money given not even a deposit.

See ya…..