Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Extinguishers, Heat, Cool & Pee

RV Fire extinguishers – yes and more than the white one that comes with the RV.  I had one for our Norcold LP/electric frig in the Beast.  It went in the back of the frig.  The glass cleaner is just there to give a sense of size.DSC_0003 We won’t need it with the new coach option of a 20 cu ft residential frig with a 2,800 watt sine wave inverter and two extra AGM batteries for a factory total of 6 AGMs.  Plus the chassis batteries are also AGM (2) batteries.  I like all those AGMs plus I will add two more.

Then we have this ABC fire extinguisher.   DSC_0002 I keep it next to my drive seat.  We got this one and the frig extinguisher from “Mac The Fire Guy” http://macthefireguy.com/.  He knows fire and what it takes to put them out.

I also have this big extinguisher that I usually set outside next to our door.  It’s for outside emergency things like fire pits or cookers.DSC_0004

I mention the other day I will be going from a four water filter system to a two filter system.  One is in the coach and the other is on the outside.  I cut a orange cone and put the filter in it and have quick connects on each end of the filter.  The cone helps keep it upright and somewhat shaded.DSC_0006

Then people wanted to know what brand of inside LP heater I had.  It’s a Kozy World .DSC_0009


This fan is “cool”.   Yes it’s a 12 volt for boone docking.  It can move heat or the coolness of tile floors in hot weather.  Outside it can move the bugs away and it’s quiet.  Not real big and bulky but not real small.  It’s the only fan we carry.DSC_0007


Carol said this kitty litter works the best for us and it covers the smell of cat pee very well.  Hey, how about the other stuff.  She said I should use it the bathroom in the mornings!DSC_0011

Now people who know me pretty well know I have a weakness for grills.  I have eight different styles, all working and for different cooking applications.  But I was looking around and realized something.  We have a collection of fold up chairs.  They just accumulated plus I don’t like setting in collapsible chairs.DSC_0010

NEW RV UPDATE:  Winnebago replied to my request for an update of the ship date for our new RV.  They said, “It's still looking good to go over to the transport company by the end of the week.”  The transport company has control when it leaves the Winnebago area.  I’m thinking we will leave Sunday and go on down to Florida.  We have a Thousand Trails/NACO (TTN) membership.  We can go into the Orlando TTN campground at no cost other than fuel to get there and back to Lazydays.  The boss says, “OK” but we will leave Sunday vice Saturday from here in Livingston.  I  heard from Lazydays in the afternoon.  I will only say the salesman’s information about the delivery date of the new RV was not current.  He said he would “check” and get a delivery date from the transportation company by this Friday.  Anyone taken odds he will call?  I think the new RV will be at Lazydays between Monday and Wednesday (9 Oct).

See ya……