Saturday, October 19, 2013

Oh Baby Your Looking Better Everyday

Here’s our new little “Baby”.  They’re repainting the front end.  Yepper.  It had too many little things wrong with it.   It will set over the weekend and then start on it again on Monday.  They’re aiming for it to be done Wednesday.  One guy does it all and he isn’t suppose to be pulled off until he’s done.  He has some touch up areas on the rear also.  I talked with the painter and we are on the same page – my page with what I expect.DSC_0009 


This red headed woodpecker above us was fast.DSC_0006 


This puts new meaning behind Road Rage.DSC_0011


This is something to see.  The passenger didn’t like stopping.DSC_0022

He use to be a stray cat here at Lazydays years ago.  I guess he’s having flashbacks about now.DSC_0018 

We don’t think we will be out of Lazydays until Thursday probably.  It will cut our shake down trip down.  The Baby will still get the mileage going back to Texas just not the longer stays in parks.  Putting down these jacks down and leveling is different than the HWH on the Beast.  Not good not bad just different procedures.  We’ve been here 10 nights and last night was the first night we stayed back in the Beast due to the painting.  We don’t think we will get the Baby back until Wednesday probably.

Oh, it’s official (again).  We done signed over the Beast and got all the paperwork done on the Baby.  We still have keys for both.  We were told they would not get the Beast until after we leave.  The salesmen are circling around the Beast literally but are not knocking – good.  We changed sites because the ants found us and the acorns dropping at night were annoying us.

Tomorrow I will tell you about the Crown Club.

See ya……