Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dumpster Diving……

Well folks, the new unit went to the chassis shop today.  The chassis height was correct and so was the ride height. 

Tomorrow we sign the papers and it legally becomes ours.  Seems like there was some butt chewing when it was realized that we were living in the coach and NO papers what so ever had been signed by us yet.  We were tactfully asked twice last week but we weren’t signing until we checked out the unit so we wouldn’t go thru all the BS like last time.

The unit goes to the paint shop for repainting/touch up in the front and rear caps.  That will be an overnighter and we will stay in the Beast.

New Name….I think we have settled in naming the new coach a very appropriate one.  The Beast fit very well on the 43 footer.  Now we will call the new small one the “Baby” since it’s so small and new to us.  We will have growing pains together for sure and it will be always be our baby good or bad.   Ahhhhhh, ain’t that sweet?

In the mean time I have found a job.  I don’t do dumpster diving BUT will go thru garbage.  It’s set out next to the road  when these new buyers move out from their old rig to their new rig.  Seems like they go buy a sewer hose and use it once and leave it.  The old hoses I take off the connections and keep them.  I got quite a collection.  It’s all mingled in with my tow bar stuff.  I also got a carrying bag and computer bag that was brand new from a casino.  Still had the plastic on it and didn’t really smell that bad……not really…DSC_0001


The cat thinks she’s getting a new bed made for her.DSC_0003

The cat escaped out of the old rig yesterday.  When we saw her and started to go for her she made a bee line for the new coach and went in it.  I thinks she’s ready for the newer coach.  The pic was her later on in the new coach.  I think she’s home….again.

Nick, Nick's blog, if I had a leaky water pump I would tighten down the screws ever so hard.  Maybe even take it apart and silicone the end of it.  OR some JB Weld would seal it.  I got at least one in the barn that I did that too.  It lasted until I found one on sale about 6 months or so later.  That’s my two cents.

See ya….