Thursday, October 10, 2013

Catch Up At Lazydays

Tuesday at Betty’s…here’s some of her “stuff”…DSC_0006 DSC_0007 DSC_0008 DSC_0009 DSC_0010

Jon & Sue arrived latter in the day….DSC_0004 DSC_0005

Sue did the unhooking with Jon directing.DSC_0012

We sat out and enjoyed Betty’s HAPPY HOUR.  Later we went to Dupuy”s for dinner in Abbeville.   It was pretty good.  Ice tea was $2.99 so there’s your sign.

Wednesday we pulled out about 7:45 AM and went to Walmart.  Why Walmart?  Diesel $3.58 so I topped off the tank.  I got less than 6 MPG the other day in the winds as it turned out.

We had planned to go about half way to Lazydays which would be about 400 or so miles.  We went 575 miles to exit 258 North on I-10 in FL.  Nice closed down truck stop that we stayed at two months ago.  No trucks.

Thursday we got underway about 8 AM with about 225 miles to go.  We arrive at Lazydays about noon and checked in.  Then they took us to our double sight.DSC_0013

We were told that they were inspecting the paint/polishing/waxing the new rig and they expected it to be over later in the day.  Our Beast was inspected.  I informed them of the coach use to shut the engine down and how to fix it.  It had a temporary fix by me. 

Hopefully you will be able to read about our new winnie tomorrow (Friday) which will be really posted late Friday if you followed all that.

See ya……