Sunday, October 6, 2013

It’s So Windy That We…..

We left Livingston, Texas about 9 AM in a light drizzle headed towards Lazysdays in Florida.   We know we are headed for the big storm down there and expect to run into the tail end of it.

Well, we did that’s for sure.  Probably should have waited for a few more days but hitch itch needed scratching.   It got scratched for sure.  In Louisiana on I-10 the wind got bad enough that it started to move our 43’ footer around on the highway.  That in itself is a lot.  Yes,  soon after we decided to take it off the Interstate.  We drove thru Katrina years ago when it was a storm up north and this reminded us of that.  We will set out the real high winds and then look for someplace to wait for the whole storm to blow over.  If we were in the new Winnie we would not have made it this far and this is far enough where ever this is. 

We’re not stuck in Louisiana.  We’re sight seeing as it blows by.  I think we can hold our hands out and catch some shrimp as the wind and water goes by us.

As always, blogs in the near future are questionable but will catch it up when we are in a good MiFi area.

See ya……..