Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Poke Me, I’m Done

Well, I think another Pre Delivery Manager, Jimmy, felt sorry for the kinda slow service we’ve been getting and stepped in again.  He got things rocking and rolling.  We were basically done by close of business Tuesday.  Jimmy even came up with a hub cap that we needed.  He’s a “Get Ur Done” type guy.  He’s even gonna have our Baby washed again tomorrow morning before we leave.  We got to pick up our temp tags and a couple of other little things when the offices open up.

It poured down rain last night but we were all moved in our Baby (again).  We just need to fine tune the storing of our “stuff”.  Tomorrow when we leave I will go to the Fly J and top of our fuel.  I want to get some fuel mileage figures right from the get go.  I haven’t driven anything this small in years besides the Jeep.  This Baby isn’t that much bigger than our two door Jeep.  Maybe it just seems like it.  I will get an adventure driving but it will be only be 50 miles up to Bushnell.  We will meet our Loosey Goosey friends Larry & Marilyn Forbes and get our SKP fix.

Our 14 nights here seemed long because they were!  At least we still had the Beast to move in and out of.  The food was literally outstanding everyday except one meal.  That was when they had pork chops and I asked for a steak knife to cut it as others did.  They took it off the menu.  It was really outstanding.  The RV service was just OK for me.  I don’t think I would come here out of warranty and at $120 an hour.  It seems a lot of people in the Crown Club don’t mind paying plus they get free meals and booze.  What a novel idea.  Yes, that’s sarcasm.

See ya……..