Saturday, October 12, 2013

Looking Good!

We’ve been living in our new 2014 Journey 36M  at Lazydays in their delivery area since Thursday.  So far, really good.  We got 100% of the underbelly of the Beast moved into the new one.  We got about 90% of the topside (Beast) into the new one.  We still have some “stuff” back at Livingston to go in.  I’ve pushed, pulled every button in the Winnie.  I haven’t messed with the factory installed Rand McNally Trip GPS trip maker yet.  It looks a little complicated but I know it really isn’t.  It’s just something different to me.

We hade a tech over at 9 AM (Sat) to check a couple of things out.  He checked the broken air filter first.  Yep it’s broken and he never seen one brake that way in nineteen years.  He said he would pick up the coach at 9 AM Monday and take it to his stall.  He wanted to remove the filter first and take it to his parts guys.  He’s guessing that they have it stock.  If not, a quick trip down to Freightliner/Cummins just down the street to get one.  He said I could watch him taking the filter off.  It looks a little complicated than others I've taken off.  He said the hydraulic leak might be from him adding fluid to it earlier this week when he was doing a pre delivery inspection.  He will check it out to make sure.

Then it goes for the tile floor buffing (stains) and outside paint overspray (front/rear).  There’s a couple of little things that I can’t fix do to lack of my tools that they will do – no problem what so ever.

I’ve been all over the roof of the Winnie checking it out for my 4 large solar panels.  Plenty of room just a matter of figuring which location would be the best for each one.  I will do the install back at Livingston.

Since the factory installed a Wineguard TV dish sat Lazydays gave us a HD receiver.  I tried to deal with Direct TV for over two hours and 10 of their personnel and one supervisor.  Bottom line, no sat TV and I lost that battle.  I will win the war when we return to Livingston.  We will open a new account and get a bunch of free equipment and only $20 a month for 1 year.  Direct TV personnel hands are tied due to not being able to apply/or use common sense.   We will just use local TV which is great around here even for HD.

Note:  TVs are LED and hardly use any amperage.  The unit has all LED lighting except in the underbelly.  The 6 AGM batteries are located underneath the slide out try.  The other Winnies they had barrel locks on the battery cover.  This Winnie they screwed the cover down.  I guess they ran out of barrel key locks.  How dumb…


See ya…..