Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Day In Summerdale, AL

That’s where the Escapees park Rainbow Plantation is.  For SKPs it’s $20 a night for FHU 50 AMP HU.  The sites are all on level (?) ground and a lot are shaded with trees.  DSC_0015-001DSC_0001 DSC_0013-001 DSC_0014-001  They have a club house and a pool for the daring ones.  Their location is out in the farmland and is quiet.  Oh, Carol said more important there’s Line Dancing everyday.  We paid for 3 nights but thinking we should stay here for Halloween vice being on the road.  That would still give us plenty of time to get to Athens, TX for the tow brake appointment next Monday.  It’s 565 miles from here and that’s an easy 3 days of traveling (Fri-Sun).  The weather people are now calling for 100% chance of rain here Friday.  That might change things even more.  I avoid driving in the rain if at all possible.

We went to the local Huddle House for breakfast figuring why not.  I like taters and Carol likes not to cook.  The Huddle House is the capital of getting your taters your way.  They got about dozen or so items you can add to them.  I’m in tater heaven. 

Carol went to Line Dancing for a couple of hours.  I cleaned the bugs off the front end of the Baby.  Maybe the windshield another day.  I moved some “stuff” out of the large bay into small bays.  The big bay can hold 16 big plastic bins, four deep four deep.  I’ve got half of them empty or will be in Livingston.  These two large doors have to open to get to the sliding tray.  DSC_0002-001

A 90 gallon fresh water tank on the right plus a few soft things that I can fit in there with no problem.  Underneath the slide is a storage area.  Same same on the other side also.  On the left side is just an empty area for other “stuff”.  Kitty litter is in there now but could carry about 6-8 of them or other things of course.DSC_0003-001 I will remove four bins on one side and put the 10X10 tent, fire ring and a 20 lb LP tank.  I might stick a ladder in there somewhere.  I can’t carry a fiberglass ladder in the back.  The stock ladder is way too high on the coach to attach a ladder to it.  I will figure it out in Livingston.

The rest of the afternoon was watching TV and thinking about Alaska.  We are packing as we are going because we are.  There’s not a lot of difference from what we normally carry because we try to always carry what we need thus full timing, not part timing.

See ya…..