Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cute Little Thing

Ain’t “it” a cute little thing!DSC_0002

It’s a little shorter than the Beast.

Speaking of the Beast.  This is the only stuff we have in it now.  We’re holding on as long as we can.DSC_0003


I took this picture at an angle so “it” would look bigger with the Jeep.DSC_0001

Today “it” went to the shop about 2:30 PM to have the new air filter boot installed.  It was a part that was ordered the day before.  It was over there several hours and come about 5:30 PM I was wondering what was going on.  It was setting there in the shop crying because nobody was around her.  I think it’s a cry baby RV.  Anyhow, the mechanic  had to get approval from somebody so the boot clamps could be ordered.  I know it’s a slow way of doing things but it’s there way and we’re stuck with it.  Anyhow, they returned “it” to our site about 6 PM with out the hose clamps.  If they can get the clamps tomorrow the mechanic will come to our site.

“It” needs touch up painting in the front which is waiting for approval.  The have to polish the upper part of the windshield to get the rest of the over spray off that they didn’t do the first time.  Also,  polish the rough spots on the rear of the rig which was overlooked the first time also.  They have to clean/polish the shiny tile floors.  I‘ve fixed two water leaks in the bathroom.  Just a matter of tightening some fittings.  

When “it” was in the bay Monday I noticed it was leaning towards the passenger side.  I will have them check out the ride height also and make the adjustments if need be of course.

The finance office called and asked about coming in and doing the paperwork.  I told them we were shy of signing the paperwork until the coach was closer being ready.  They remembered us from before and said they fully understand.

We like naming our coaches.  The Phaeton was the Farton.  No need to go into the details.  The 43 foot Dutch Star was the Beast.  Now this one we have really given it much thought.  Maybe peewee?  It’s not a guy rig like the Beast was.  I guess it will be girl’s name.  Hopefully not the Bitch.  Any ideas?