Friday, October 11, 2013

Here We Go Again!

Well, it started off very well here at Lazydays.  They delivered the new Winnie about 5 PM Thursday.  It was shiny and looked very well.  We spent Thursday night in it.  We tested everything we could.  It appears the appliances are working this time.  Friday morning we took it out for a test drive.  It passed.  Then it went down hill from there.

No special sequence…the front and rear of the unit has to be compounded and polished due to paint overspray.  Even the windshield has overspray on it.  All of the tile floor has to be polished due to stains on it.  Then the bigee….After the test drive I did a walk around with one of their people.  Here is the air pipe AFTER the air filter that goes to the turbo.  See the black gap in the center of the pic?  That’s where air has been going directly to the turbo without any filter.  It’s broke.  BAD! DSC_0007

Now look at this.  Hydraulic fluid leaking on the radiator and frame..duh?????????????? Bad seal?DSC_0009

What the hell?  Does anybody look over these rigs before sending them out from the factory?  Does anybody look at them good before giving them to the customer? There are other things wrong but I will not list them…too aggravating.  Bottom line…people not doing their friggin job.

They wanted to take the new coach in for the cleaning again and I said NO!.  The coach isn’t moving with the turbo sucking dirty air.  They jus went, Oh, OK!  I was told the part will be ordered Monday.  I’m thinking what’s wrong with today or tomorrow (Sat).  I don’t think they want us setting here living in two rigs.  I get restless and start looking around for things to get into and talking to people like the CEO again.

They wanted us to sign the papers again like before.  Yea right…….. Saturday I think I will go make sure the paperwork is correct BUT will not sign.

Before all this happened we starting moving into the new rig.  I’m about 90% done with everything underneath.  Carol’s about 70% with the inside of the Beast of moving it all.  I think we will stop for now because the new unit will probably go into the engine repair shop.

The people here are very nice and understanding to a certain point.  I have been so nice so far but my agitation level is very low now.

We were really hoping to have a good buying experience.  Maybe it will get better…….

We still have the Beast – title and keys!

See ya.